Microcap Sector ‘Shoots the Lights Out’ in Sharemarket for 2019

Australian Microcap Investment Conference to Reveal Their Success Stories

Investor Relations firm Bourse Communications and Fund Services business, Vasco Trustees Limited are pleased to announce that the 10th Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference is commencing next week on Tuesday 22 October 2019. The Conference is being held in Melbourne over two days on Tuesday 22 October and Wednesday 23 October 2019 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins in the ‘Arthur Streeton Auditorium’.

The Conference is Australia’s largest and
most comprehensive emerging company investment event, showcasing the services,
products, strategies and people driving today’s growth companies. The event
will provide investors with an opportunity to hear firsthand from the CEOs of 27
of Australia’s leading and dynamic emerging companies, from a varied range of
sectors, as they showcase their companies, strategies and people.

celebrate the 10th year of
the conference
, we are pleased to announce Joel Fleming and Peter
as keynote speakers. Mr Fleming is the Fund Manager of the UBS
Microcap Fund, and Mr Switzer is the founder of the Switzer Report and widely
known and respected in the investment and business community. Both speakers
will impart their wide knowledge of investing, particularly in the Microcap
sector, to the Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday morning respectively.  

or microcap companies provide access to many niche industry sectors, as well as
emerging technologies and business areas that are sometimes overlooked by
larger companies.  The sector is generally recognised as comprising those companies
with a market capitalisation of under $300 million.

As reported in Stockhead, these niche micro-sectors of the ASX have been performing incredibly well during 2019. Stockhead identified five micro-sectors having a fantastic 2019:

 The Medtech Sector is up 64%, Industrial Chemicals up 63%,
Life Sciences Tools and Services up 55%, Interactive Media and Services up 52% and Aerospace and
Defence Goods
up 29%.

Many of the companies presenting at this
year’s Microcap Conference belong to these micro-sectors, and are achieving big
percentage gains for 2019.

This year is the 10th year of the Conference and in that time, eleven of the companies that have presented at the Conference have grown to have a market capitalisation in excess of $500 million with four companies having grown to a market capitalisation of over $1 billion.

Amongst the ‘Success Stories’ that have been presented at the Conference over
the years that have ‘shot the lights out’

  • Jumbo Interactive first presented at the conference with a market capitalisation of $9 million now has a market cap of $1.6 billion
  • EML Payments presented with a $56 million market capitalisation, now at $1.12 billion
  • Nearmap Limited $1.1 billion
  • Gold Road Resources $1.0 billion
  • AMA group $710 million
  • HUB24 $727 million
  • Webster $706 million
  • Phoslock Environmental $678 million
  • Infigin Energy $645 million
  • Vocus $620million
  • Integrated Research $534 million

Each of the above companies presented at the
Conference when their market capitalisation was under $130 million.

At last
year’s Conference 26 listed companies presented. Six of the companies achieved returns of over 30%
in the year to 30 September 2019. These companies include Phoslock Environmental
(213%), Bluechiip (166%), CV Check (113%), Image Resources (100%), XTEK (74%)
and Australian Ethical Investment (47%). Over the same period the S&P/ASX
Emerging Companies Index produced a return of 17%.

The companies presenting at this year’s Conference include financial services groups (Australian Ethical Investments, APN Property Group, DomaCom, Collection House),a security specialist (XTEK), technology solutions providers (CV Check, 1st Group, Hazer Group, identitii, RETECH and Xref).

The Australian Microcap Investment Conference aims to act as a conduit and facilitate the sometimes challenging communication process between a company and its stakeholders, which may include shareholders, stockbrokers, fund managers, analysts, institutions, private investors and the business media.

Vasco has partnered with leading investor relations firm Bourse Communications, The City of Melbourne, insurance specialist GSA Insurance, marketing communications group Motivo and corporate advisory firm D H Flinders to present the conference in conjunction with association partners the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association of Australia and the UNSW Business School.

In commenting on Australia’s largest Microcap Event, Craig Dunstan, Managing Director of Vasco Trustees said:

“We are delighted to have secured 27 outstanding ASX listed
companies to present as well as key note presentations from Mr Joel Fleming,
Fund Manager of the UBS Microcap Fund and Mr Peter Switzer, founder and
publisher of the Switzer Report.”

year we have over 400 professional investors, stockbrokers and financial
advisers registered to attend. The microcap sector is generating greater
interest each year as investors realise the gains to be made by investing in
smaller companies.”

The microcap
universe comprises over 1,800 companies with a market capitalisation of under
$300m presenting many opportunities for investors.

leading group of emerging ASX listed companies to showcase at this year’s
Conference are:

Capital Goods

  • XTEK Limited (XTE) Philippe Odouard, Managing Director

Diversified Financials

  • Australian Ethical Investment Limited (AEF) Steve Gibbs, Acting Chief Executive Officer
  • APN Property Group (APD) Tim Slattery, Chief Executive Officer
  • DomaCom Limited (DCL) Arthur Naoumidis, Chief Executive Officer
  • Collection House Limited (CLH)  Anthony Rivas, Managing Director


  • Leaf Resources Limited (LER) Alex Baker, Chief Executive Officer
  • NOVONIX Limited (NVX) Philip St Baker, Managing Director
  • Altech Chemicals Limited (ATC) Iggy Tan, Managing Director
  • Hazer Group (HZR) Geoff Ward, Managing Director


  • Genex Power Limited (GNX) Simon Kidston, Executive Director
  • Locality Planning Energy Holdings Limited (LPE) Damien Glanville, Managing Director

Food, Beverage & Tobacco

  • Clean Seas Seafood Limited (CSS) David Head, Managing

Health Care Equipment & Services

  • 1st Group (1st) Klaus Bartosch,
    Managing Director
  • EMVision medical Devices Limited (EMV) Dr Ron Weinberger, Chief Executive Officer
  • IMEXHS Limited (IME) Dr German Arango, Chief Executive Officer
  • LBT Innovations Limited (LBT) Brent Barnes, Managing
  • Osteopore Limited (OSX) Geoff Pocock, Executive
  • TruScreen Limited (NSX:TRU) Martin Dillon, Chief
    Executive Officer

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

  • Actinogen Medical Limited (ACW) Dr Bill Ketelbey, Managing Director
  • Acrux Limited (ACR) Michael Kotsanis, Managing Director
  • AdAlta Limited (1AD) Paul MacLeman, Executive Chairman
  • Anatara Lifesciences Ltd (ANR) Steven Lydeamore, Chief Executive Officer
  • CANNATREK Tommy Huppert, Chief Executive Officer

Software & Services

  • CV Check Limited (CV1) Rod Sherwood, Chief Executive Officer
  • Identitii (ID8) Nick Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer
  • Xref Limited (XF1) Lee-Martin Seymour, Chief Executive Officer
  • Retech Technology Company Limited (RTE) Edward Slade, Consultant

The 10th Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference is being held in Melbourne over two days on Tuesday 22 October and Wednesday 23 October 2019 at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins in the ‘Arthur Streeton Auditorium’.
For more information please visit
www.microcapconferences.com  and go to ‘Events’.

For more information please contact:

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Vasco Trustees Limited

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