In Thailand, local businesses adapt to ongoing protests

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This week, we head to the Thai capital Bangkok, which has been convulsed for weeks by anti-government protests. Social media has been vital to the protest movement – not just to organise demonstrations themselves, but also to help small businesses, who’ve come up with innovative ways to both support and benefit from the street movement. We tell you more.


Meanwhile in India, our reporters have been investigating the tragic rise in suicides by farmers. Agriculture is one of most important sectors in the Indian economy, and employs nearly 50 percent of India’s workforce. But millions of farmers are plagued by debt – and some find the pressure simply too much. Sreya Banerjee and her team report from the state of Punjab, one of the worst affected regions in the country.

Finally, facial recognition technology is becoming increasingly common, featured on smartphones and in airport security. But Singapore is on the verge of vastly expanding its use: putting verification by face at the heart of its national ID scheme. The government says the move will simplify life for millions of people, but privacy experts are concerned. We take a closer look.

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