The Age posts record readership in September


The Age reached more than 5 million readers in September, making it the most popular Melbourne masthead as Victoria brought its devastating second wave of the coronavirus under control.

The Age had 5.39 million readers in September, the best monthly result for the masthead since Enhanced Media Metrics Australia began. The new data shows that The Age’s online audience stretched to 4.8 million readers while 1 million people read the printed newspaper.

The Age‘s coverage of both the coronavirus crisis and the US election were both important parts of the masthead’s agenda-setting journalism in September.

The month began with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews outlining his road map out of the coronavirus lockdown with daily case numbers still counted in the dozens.


By the end of the month the case numbers were approaching single digits but the government was under intense scrutiny over its hotel quarantine program leading to the resignation of Health Minister Jenny Mikakos.

“This is an excellent result for The Age,” said editor Gay Alcorn. “It is an indication that when Victorians want reliable, probing journalism on an important issue, they trust The Age.

“In an era of misinformation and confected outrage, people are turning in greater numbers to fact-based, responsible journalism.”

The Age’s closest Melbourne rival, The Herald Sun, had 4.3 million readers across digital and print.

The Age’s sister masthead The Sydney Morning Herald has the biggest audience in the country of the sites measured in the EMMA survey, with more than 9 million readers.

In the same period The Australian Financial Review, which is owned by Nine Entertainment Co (the owner of this masthead), had an audience of 3.1 million readers.

EMMA is collated by industry group Premium Content Alliance, whose members include publishers such as Nine Entertainment Co (owner of this masthead), News Corp and Seven West Media. It does not include digital-only news sites or sites linked to broadcasters.

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