Welcome to a new look for the top of The Age online

As loyal readers have probably already noticed, the top of The Age’s homepage has a new look and feel.

We know that the homepage is very important to our audience and the latest changes are designed to help you find more of our top content.

The new look to the top of The Age
The new look to the top of The AgeCredit:

Here are some of the changes we’ve made and why we’ve made them:

  • More stories: The number of articles we can display at the top of the page has increased. You will notice a variety of designs built to make this happen. Some stories will have a headline and a picture while others will appear on the site with no picture or sub-heading.
  • More context: Where appropriate, stories will be able to be grouped, allowing readers to find the range and depth of our coverage on a topic. News stories may be complemented by opinion, explainers and data stories.
  • More hierarchy: The new site will allow us to use different designs to better demarcate which stories are the most important right now in ways other than just their running order on the site.
  • More flexibility: This new design will allow us to adapt the website to our content, rather than squeezing our best content into a more limited design.
  • More images: The new design allows us to better showcase our award-winning photography and illustrations. We’ll be able to adjust the size of our imagery to best fit the weight of our story and its position on the site.
  • Less turnover: With the ability to display more stories we will be able to slow down the pace at which we promote and demote stories. This will mean less time spent looking for stories further down the page or on index pages.
  • Editor’s picks: We have made this feature much more prominent on the new site so readers don’t miss the pieces of journalism we think are most important.

We have put a lot of work into this new look and some of you may have had a glimpse of the new site over the last few weeks as we ran a trial. The point was not to have a radical redesign of the site, rather to present our quality journalism in the strongest way we can.

We would love to hear from you on what you like or dislike about our new look and what we could do to improve.

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