The Right Honourable Doug Anthony AC CH

Doug Anthony was a quiet giant of Australian political life.

He was a man with no pretences who was passionate about regional Australia.

Doug Anthony served as a minister under six Australian Prime Ministers. His first Prime Minister was Sir Robert Menzies and he was one of the last links to his Government.

He served as Minister for the Interior, Minister for Primary Industry, and Minister for Trade and Resources.

Doug Anthony served a distinguished career as Deputy Prime Minister for over nine years, first in the Gorton Government, then the McMahon Government and throughout the entirety of the Fraser Government.

As the son of a Federal Minister, Doug spent periods of his childhood in Canberra. Years later, as a Minister he oversaw a series of significant achievements and reforms for Australia.

As Minister for the Interior, he would play a role in the development of Anzac Parade in Canberra as well as the construction of the National Library and the National Carillon.

As Minister for Primary Industry, he established the Australian Wool Corporation. As Trade and Resources Minister, Doug worked to modernise and expand our trade agreement with New Zealand, opened up the uranium industry in Australia, and sought to expand trade with Japan, China and the Middle East.

Doug Anthony was an outward looking political leader. He was the trusted political partner of Malcolm Fraser from the days of the Supply crisis until the end of the Fraser Government. Under Doug Anthony’s 13 year leadership, the Country party evolved into the National Party. He described his party as one that keeps the balance in Australian political life: “A strong Country Party does keep the balance – the balance of stable, dependable government; the balance of development between city and country; the balance of economic activity; a balance between the rural industries and the other sectors of the community. … We keep a balance between the extremes of political thought.”

To Doug’s wife Margot, their children and extended family, I extend the nation’s condolences.

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