Women of India’s Dalit caste overexposed to rape and other crimes

The only Dalit household in the village, these women were attacked in the middle of the night by upper caste neighbours. They were intimidated and told to leave their land. The police refused to file a full report. © FRANCE 24


Thomas DENIS


Sohail KHAN

In September 2020, a teenager from the marginalised Dalit or “untouchable” community was fatally gang-raped by members of upper castes in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The crime led to widespread outcry and reignited age-old debates surrounding India’s ancient system of caste hierarchy. Although discrimination based on caste is banned under the Indian constitution, it is still widespread. On average, ten Dalit women are raped every day, while upper caste perpetrators often benefit from impunity. But some activists are determined to change things, as our correspondents report. 


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Source: Thanks france24