Queensland to cop gale force winds, heavy rain and potential floods

A severe weather warning is in place for parts of Queensland this morning with forecasters expecting heavy rainfall, dangerous winds and potential flooding.

Fraser Island copped the brunt of the rain overnight, where it is expected to stay for most of the day before making its way down to Noosa later on.

The Sunshine Coast will also see heavy rainfall, with showers expected to dump between 200mm and 250mm across the next six hours, according to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

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Hazardous surf will batter the Gold Coast today as well as heavy rain and strong winds.

Authorities are warning conditions may lead to flash-floods and residents should remain prepared.

A severe weather warning is in place for the several regions along Fraser Coast as well as areas on the way down to the Gold Coast today, particularly for hazardous surf.


Gale force wind will lash the Fraser, Sunshine and Gold Coasts, while other areas such as Hervey Bay, Moreton Bay and Capricorn Coast will also cop strong winds.


Minor flood warnings are in place for the Condamine, Balonne and Moonie Rivers with a moderate flood warning is in place for the Weir River.

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