Up to 150mm rain dumped on Queensland, showers move south

South East Queensland has woken to heavy rain and wind this morning, and NSW is bracing for the wild weather to head south.

Some places in Queensland have had up to 150mm of rain overnight with more on the way.

Meteorologist Sarah Scully warned while Queenslanders will see the rain gradually ease into the day, a flood watch remains in place from Noosa on the Sunshine Coast down to the NSW border.

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Today’s weather forecast for Australia.

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“Over the next few hours, South East Queensland should start to see that steady rain start to ease or contract into north east NSW,” she told Today.

“However, there is still a flood watch current from Noosa, pretty much southwards down into northern NSW, and we are expecting more rainfall to be accumulated particularly over the next few hours with that steady rain.”

A marine wind warning remains in place for Fraser Island Coast, Sunshine Coast Waters, Moreton Bay and Gold Coast waters.


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A marine wind warning remains in place for Queensland.

Brisbane will reach 23C with 45mm of rain expected today.

Video: Wild weather lashing south-east Queensland (ABC NEWS)

Wild weather lashing south-east Queensland

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Despite showers, Sydney will be a warm 27C.

Elsewhere, Darwin will be sunny and 33C, Melbourne will be 21C and cloudy, while Adelaide will be sunny and 27C.

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Rain will move from SE Queensland into Sydney and coastal NSW.

Perth will be cloudy and 27C.

Cyclone heading for WA

Meanwhile Tropical cyclone Cerosia could impact WA tomorrow afternoon, but shouldn’t make landfall.

Almost 30 people have died in Timor after the cyclone caused floods and landslides.

“It’s currently a category two system, and at this stage, it’s forecast to move in a south-westerly direction parallel to the coast of northern WA, away from the land area,” Ms Scully said.

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Residents inspect a damage road following a flood in Dili, East Timor.

“It is moving into a favourable environment, and at this stage, we’re forecasting it to intensify to category 3 system by tomorrow afternoon.

“There is a fair bit of uncertainty but it looks like it may start to bring some rain into the Pilbara area from Thursday, more likely Friday.”

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