Police officer indicted for murder after Maryland car park shooting

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A Pentagon police officer accused of shooting dead two men he thought were breaking into cars in a Maryland parking lot has been indicted on two counts of murder and one of attempted murder, and also faces charges for pepper-spraying a homeless woman in his apartment building.


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David Hall Dixon, 40, killed two men who he believed were breaking into cars at Takoma Overlook Condominiums on New Hampshire Avenue on April 7.

The victims have been identified as Dominique Williams, 32, and 38-year-old James Lionel Johnson. 

The men, both believed to have been fleeing the scene in a getaway vehicle during the shooting, were later pronounced dead in hospital. 

Dixon has also been indicted on assault counts for an unrelated incident last year in which he allegedly brandished a shotgun and discharged pepper spray at a homeless woman in the lobby of his condominium building. 

Bill Brennan, the attorney who is representing Dixon, said he will plead not guilty to the charges. 

He added: ‘Mr. Dixon has been honorably serving the public for over 20 years including eight years in the military with tours overseas. 

‘He will vigorously contest these charges.’

Dixon has been placed on administrative leave. 

Takoma Park Police Department officers rushed to the condominium parking lot after multiple reports of shots fired. 

Dominique Williams (Pictured)

Brothers Daniel and Joseph Johnson weep during a vigil for James Johnson and Dominque Williams, who were shot and killed in Takoma Park

Darius Johnson weeps during a vigil for his father James Johnson


They were met at the scene by Dixon, who told them that he had witnessed ‘what he thought was a car being broken into.’ 

Dixon, a Pentagon Force Protection Agency officer who was off-duty at the time, said he confronted the suspected burglars after they failed to follow his instructions. 

Williams and Johnson then allegedly went into a car in an attempt to flee the scene, at which point Dixon pulled out his service weapon and opened fire.   

Michael Thomas, 36, who was driving the car at the time, took them to Prince George’s Medical Center where they were both pronounced dead.  

Takoma Park Police Chief Antonio DeVaul has said that all three men had come to the parking lot to break into cars. 

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A Pentagon Force Protection Agency officer opened fire in the parking lot of this condominium building in Takoma Park, Maryland, killing two people

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Two suspects in a car burglary were pronounced dead from gunshot wounds at Prince George’s Hospital

However, he added that Thomas, the survivor, would not be charged. 

‘They were victims,’ DeVaul said. ‘All three were victims in this particular case.’ 

The incident marked the second time in as many weeks that a Pentagon police officer discharged his weapon while off duty. 

The disturbing incident came after a member of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency shot and wounded a 16-year-old boy who police said tried to rob him at gunpoint in Southeast Washington, DC, last month.  

The Pentagon cop told DC police that he made a failed attempt to wrestle a BB gun out of the teen’s hands, and then pulled out his own service weapon and fired a single shot.

The 16-year-old survived and was later charged as a juvenile with assault with intent to commit an armed robbery.  

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