Man allegedly attacked with spirit level in Sydney car park

A Sydney man has been ordered to move house after allegedly attacking his neighbour with a builder’s spirit level.

Qutaiba Mehmood and housemate Ali Ahmed were returning home to their apartment in Punchbowl, in the city’s south-west, on Saturday afternoon when they saw another resident, Abdul Assad, in the basement.

Mr Ahmed was parking the car when he claims the other man started to approach him.

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Two men were allegedly attacked in Punchbowl.

“He said ‘why you stare at me?’. I just said him ‘why I would stare at you?'” Mr Ahmed said.


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The men told 9News Mr Ahmed started filming after allegedly being punched in the mouth, while Mr Mehmood stepped in to try to defuse the situation.

The video appears to show Qutaiba Mehmood retreating to the staircase Mr Assad swings a builder’s spirit level, snapping a bone in his arm.

“My arm was bleeding and numb,” the popular Pakistani blogger told 9News, labelling the incident “un-Australian”.

“I couldn’t feel my arm,” he said.

“I lost my consciousness and I lost a lot of blood that time.”

“Still I can’t understand what was the reason. There’s no reason. It was so uncalled (for) — unprovoked attack, ” Mr Mehmood said.

In court, police tried to keep the alleged attacker behind bars, alleging he had threatened retribution.

But Mr Assad was granted conditional bail after his brother agreed to hand over $10,000.

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Ali Ahmed (left) and Qutaiba Mehmood.

Outside court, his lawyer said the 43-year-old would be pleading not guilty to all charges, arguing he was acting in self-defence.

The defendant was also ordered to move house and banned from being within 100 metres of his former apartment building.

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