Incredible Nutella Knafeh croissant at Sydney cafe

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An Australian cafe has raised the bar for croissants everywhere – and is offering a sweet-cheese layered, sugar-syrup-soaked, Nutella-loaded creation.

The $12 Knafeh croissant at Sydney’s Bask Blends Cafe merges two popular desserts and adds a splash of Nutella for good measure.

Knafeh is a popular Lebanese dessert which takes a Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar syrup.

© Provided by Daily Mail

© Provided by Daily Mail

The layered sweet-cheese pastry is often served with a few drops of rose or orange water in traditional settings. 

Chocolate Knafeh has exploded in popularity throughout Lebanon since 2013. 

But at the western-Sydney cafe the pastry chefs have taken the dish a step further – merging the layered cheese, nests of filo pastry and sugar syrup with a flakey, buttery croissant.  

They then topped it off with a beaker of Nutella and shaved pistachio.

And brunch lovers appear excited by the interesting combination of delicacies.

‘Omg as a Lebanese I am so intrigued by this,’ one woman said on a picture of the treat.

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‘Oh, yum! I need this in my life right now,’ exclaimed one woman.  

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But the delectable take on the humble croissant is only available on weekends at the Kingsgrove cafe.

‘Next weekend you are here we have to try this,’ one woman said to her friend.

And others added it to their must try lists.

‘This is right near your place and looks amazing,’ said one man.

 A happy customer described the croissant as being ‘sweet enough to hit all the right spots’.

While another woman defended her decision to eat the sweet treat for lunch.

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‘Definitely an acceptable and delicious choice,’ she said.

‘Nutty, creamy, crunchy and served war,’ raved one man.

Before adding all croissant lovers have to try the cheesy offering. 

Another woman who loves traditional Knafeh said ‘every bite was heaven’ and described it as a must try.

Others liked how the Nutella and sugar syrup were served on the side so they could moderate the level of sweetness to their liking.

What is Knafeh? 

Spelled Knafeh, Kunafa and Konafi it is a traditional Lebanese pastry made with sweet cheese and soaked in sugar syrup.

The pastry is often layered with cheese in the middle of two layers of pastry and nuts dusted on the top.

It can also be served with clotted cream, rose water or orange, depending on the region.

There are different spellings and serving styles of the pastry depending on the location – as it spread through the Ottoman empire and was widely adopted. 

Regional variations effect the dough as well, some are made with a filo pastry and others are made with semolina dough called farkeh. 

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