Men to face trial over alleged stabbing murder in a Plainland car park during $10,000 drug deal

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Oakey man Paul Rock died after an altercation in the Plainland Hotel car park in 2019. (Supplied: Queensland Police Service)

Two men in their 20s have been committed to stand trial over the stabbing death of a 53-year-old man in a Queensland car park.

It is alleged Beau Smith stabbed Paul “Red” Rock as many as 13 times in a scuffle that broke out during a $10,000 drug deal in Plainland, west of Brisbane, nearly two years ago.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Mr Rock was attempting to buy 3 ounces of methylamphetamine, or ice, from Mr Smith and Kye Enright when the fight began outside the Porters Plainland Hotel on July 1, 2019.

Mr Rock was stabbed from behind into his left shoulder and right thigh. One of the thrusts to his shoulder severed an artery.

The victim was stabbed with such force it broke a bone, the court heard.

He died from his wounds.

Angela Terrie was present at the time of the stabbing and told the court that when the fight broke out, she grabbed a knife from Mr Rock’s car and ran away to a nearby bottle shop.

Ms Terrie said she had acted as a middle-woman between Mr Rock and dealer Benjamin Burness, who also gave evidence.

She said Mr Rock had been trying to buy the drugs through her for two days and had grown angry and agitated at how long it was taking.

“I remember Red was so angry for the f*** around,” Ms Terrie told the court.

She said Mr Rock had tried to bargain the $10,000 price down because he felt he had been waiting too long for the drugs to arrive.

After moving between a few different locations on the night, the drug deal began to take place.

Ms Terrie said Mr Rock had calmed down once he had met with Mr Smith and Mr Enright, who the court heard were Mr Burness’s delivery drivers.

The four each took some gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, or GHB, before the drug deal began, and all but Ms Terrie smoked ice, the court was told.

‘Do you have something on you?’

Mr Burness told the court Mr Smith said he was worried about Mr Rock attending the drug deal, after initially being told it was going to be with two women.

Mr Smith was concerned he would be robbed, the court heard.

Mr Burness said he asked him, “Are you sweet, do you have something on you?”, referring to a weapon.

Mr Burness said he was told by the two men that Mr Smith began to stab Mr Rock after he started to beat Mr Enright.

The court heard Mr Smith told Mr Burness that he had not meant to kill Mr Rock, the court heard.

After the stabbing, both Mr Smith and Mr Enright fled, and both were picked up by police in the following weeks.

The men were charged with murder, armed robbery, stealing a car and supplying dangerous drugs.

Magistrate Donna McCallum ruled the men should stand trial.

Their case will be heard in the Brisbane Supreme Court at a date to be decided.

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