Perrottet took a ‘firm decisive action’ on Friday

Perrottet took a ‘firm decisive action’ on Friday

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Dominic Perrottet was taking a firm decisive action that he had often privately criticised Gladys Berejiklian for not taking when he opened the border, says Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

“Perrottet had discussed several times with the PM the prospect of having no quarantine as opposed to seven days home quarantine for international arrivals but had not committed to this and his office informed the PM’s office on Friday of the announcement,” he said.

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“Then a phone conversation took place between Morrison and Perrottet where Morrison asked what Perrottet was planning to do about those who came from countries without as secure vaccine records as Australia.


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“Had it been a free-for-all, Health Minister Greg Hunt would have had to make an emergency declaration and decide what sort of penalties people who falsely claimed they had been vaccinated would have faced.

“There also would have had to be more clarity about vaccinations not approved by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. So it was just easier for the PM to restrict the travel to vaccinated Australians and their immediate families.

“From Perrottet’s point of view, he was taking firm decisive action he had often privately criticised Gladys Berejiklian for often not taking.

“And his view was the hotel quarantine experience showed overseas arrivals had less coronavirus than the percentage of people in the Sydney community.

“Anyway, it made for some spectacle seeing the NSW government saying tourists could come back and the PM forced to announce four hours later it would be a bit more restricted than that.

“Now this has created a very interesting dynamic and could assist the PM to force other states to adopt the national plan.”

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