Qantas changing frequent flyer program to reward eco-friendly flyers

Qantas has announced a suite of changes to its loyalty program to reward environmentally conscious flyers.

Amongst the changes, the national airline has announced they are rolling out a new Green flying tier from early next year.

The initiative is a world-first, the airline said.

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The Green tier will sit alongside existing membership tiers.

“Qantas will be the first airline in the world to reward frequent flyers for being more sustainable in the air and on the ground,” it said in a statement.

“Members will need to complete at least five sustainable activities across six areas – flying, travel, lifestyle, sustainable purchases, reducing impact and giving back – each year to achieve Green tier status.

“Once achieved, members will be rewarded with benefits like bonus Qantas Points or status credits.

“These benefits will be in addition to the rewards they get under their existing flying status or as part of Points Club.”

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Qantas CEO Alan Joyce announced the initiative on Friday.

The Green tier will sit alongside existing Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum One flying tiers.

The initiative comes as the airline strives towards its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Frequent flyers are now also able to offset emissions in their everyday lives to earn Qantas Points, as they already can with flights.

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