‘King and Queen of Darlinghurst’: Two charged over ‘kidnapping’

A couple who referred to themselves as “King and Queen of Darlinghurst” have been charged over an alleged kidnapping in Sydney.

Police were called about a noise complaint at the apartment on Dowling St in Woolloomooloo at about 8.30pm on Tuesday, January 4.

Police allegedly found an injured woman with facial lacerations inside the apartment belonging to Belinda Stoleski, 40, and her husband Matthew Bieganski, 38.

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The couple have been charged over the alleged kidnapping.

She was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for treatment.

Neighbours heard screams coming from the apartment and called the police.

“It was really scary,” a neighbour said.

“We all look out for each other around here.”

Police also allege the kidnapping took place over a drug dispute.

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The pair were refused bail in court today.

Mr Bieganski and Ms Stoleski were arrested and charged with assault and kidnapping offences.

Ms Stoleski was also charged with drug offences.

The couple were denied bail at court today.

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