Police declare 2020 death of Angela Berecz major crime after receiving ‘fresh information’

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Angela Berecz was found unresponsive in her recliner chair in October 2020. (Supplied: South Australian Police)

The death of a woman, which was initially treated as not suspicious, has been declared a major crime with South Australian Police saying they believe she was murdered.

Angela Berecz, 53, died on Thursday, October 22, 2020 on her houseboat in Blanchetown.

Ms Berecz had lived with her partner, who was also her carer, on the houseboat for six years.

Detective Superintendent Des Bray said at 5:45am on the morning of her death, Ms Berecz’s partner found her unresponsive in her recliner chair and administered CPR, but she could not be revived.

Superintendent Bray said Ms Berecz suffered from obesity and other serious health issues and was mostly confined to her houseboat, but could go out on some occasions.

“Despite her illnesses she wasn’t expected to die anytime soon,” Superintendent Bray said.

A cause of death was not apparent on the night of her death, and a coronial investigation began.

In the following days, a pathology review was undertaken and the death was initially treated as not suspicious.

“But since then, we have obtained information, which has led us to the conclusion that Angela has been murdered,” Superintendent Bray said.

“We do know the cause of death, but we are unable to tell you that for operational reasons and we do have a suspect, but we will not say anything in relation to who that might be.”

Superintendent Bray would not say what the new information was, but said it was “quite precise”.

The suspect is not in custody and police believe they know the motive behind her murder.

“We definitely have one suspect, but we are exploring the possibility that one or more people may have been involved.”

Detectives are appealing for anyone who may have had a conversation with Ms Berecz in the lead up to her death to come forward to Crime Stoppers.

Ms Berecz’s daughter Kathleen Napper appealed to anyone with information to also come forward.

“Mum was a kind, loving and caring mother, and grandparent who would do anything for her family,” Ms Napper said.

“In 2020, our family lost a strong, happy and important piece of our family. We miss her every day and this latest development has shocked the family.”

Ms Napper said her mother was looking forward to her wedding, which was just two months after she died.

“To know that someone stopped my mum from being there, to see her daughter get married, a day which she would have been looking forward to, we’re really angry,” she said.

“My anger is now at the person who did this, and I ask the person responsible that if you are listening, to please come forward, take ownership of your actions please.”

Ms Berecz had two daughters, a son and seven grandchildren.

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