Thousands of anti-vax protesters take to the streets across Melbourne

Thousands of anti-vax protesters have taken to the streets of Melbourne to rally against Covid-19 restrictions as the state records 51,356 new infections.  

Demonstrators have gathered in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday as part of the Save Our Children Protest against Covid-19 vaccines for children.

From Monday, children aged 5 to 11 will be eligible to receive their Covid-19 vaccination across Australia. 

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Anti-vax protesters gather in Melbourne CBD as the state records 51,356 new Covid-19 infections on Saturday

© Provided by Daily Mail
A man bearing the Australian flag confronts Victoria police on Saturday during anti-vaccination protests 

Protesters braved rainy conditions to gather in the city at around midday, bearing signs reading ‘leave our children alone’ and ‘hands off our kids’. 

Young children were also spotted in the crowd holding signs saying ‘children are not government experiments’.

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Multiple red Australian ensign flags were spotted in the crowd a common feature in anti-vaccination demonstrations.

Protesters brandished an array of flags at anti-vaccination protests in Melbourne

An Australian red ensign flag synonymous with anti-vaccination movements was spotted at the Melbourne rally on Saturday

Large crowds gathered to protest Covid-19 vaccines for children aged 5 to 11


Victoria Police lined Parliament House steps as crowds gathered below while music blared on speakers.  

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