Kazakhstan unrest: Former Soviet republic faces biggest crisis in decades

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The new year began in Kazakhstan with the government lifting its price cap on fuel, virtually doubling the cost for people to fill up their cars. Protests spread across the nation of 19 million inhabitants and soon transformed into violent unrest and a bloody crackdown. Over 100 people were killed and thousands were arrested. At the request of Kazakhstan’s president, Russia sent paratroopers to help “stabilise” the country. We take a closer look at the former Soviet republic.


Meanwhile, Taiwan began 2022 with troops simulating urban warfare with China. The self-ruled island lives under the constant threat of invasion by China. Beijing considers Taiwan a breakaway province that it will one day reclaim.

In the past year, China has stepped up pressure on its international allies to isolate Taiwan, as recently seen with Lithuania. The European country let Taiwan open a de facto embassy in its capital. In retaliation, Beijing downgraded its ties with Vilnius. FRANCE 24’s Yena Lee tells us more.

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