Mum criticised for packing son’s lunchbox while sick with Covid-19

A single mum has been slammed by other parents for preparing her son’s school lunchboxes ahead of time while being stuck at home with Covid-19.

Meg, from New South Wales, Australia, half prepared enough school lunches for one term by placing prepacked snacks into reusable Ziplock bags and claims she wore gloves while doing so.

She said each plastic bag was filled with a little bag of chips or popcorn, an UP&GO liquid breakfast, a muesli or LCMs bar, a box of dried fruit and savoury biscuits.

‘I generally do this every Sunday but decided to x10 my efforts. I purchase my stuff on special and stockpile forward thinking how much my boy will eat/drink,’ she wrote and shared an image to the Lunchbox Ideas Australia Facebook group.

But the social media post was criticised by concerned mums who said Meg shouldn’t be preparing food while she’s unwell and should use less plastic. 

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An Australian mum has been trolled and criticised online after prepping a term’s worth of school snacks for her son while sick with Covid-19

To put a stop to the negative comments, Meg provided a detailed response.

She explained her son was staying with his dad while she’s sick and claims she packed the food while wearing gloves.

‘Covid professionals….you’ll never believe this but I wore gloves while doing this!! If covid transfers through the Ziplock through gloves and all that plastic I’m using I’ll definitely call the ghost busters,’ she wrote.

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Meg also said the Ziplock bags are reused to save plastic and prevent wastage.

‘Plastic police, I recycle my Ziplock and put all other waste into my recycling when I pack my lunchbox. The poppers are cashed in for 10c n money is donated to riding for the disabled a charity me and my son support and volunteer for twice a week,’ she said.

‘Anyone who thinks they live a plastic free life in 2022 bless you; we eliminate as much as we can, we do the best we can do.’

When the snack bags are ready to be used, Meg said they are paired with a salad or sandwich, yoghurt, meat and cheese. 

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Meg, from New South Wales, Australia, claims she wore gloves while preparing the lunchbox snacks. She also said the Ziplock bags are reused to save plastic (stock image)

‘It’s a sh*t tonne of food that he will eat 1/4 of at school and generally the rest for afternoon tea, but this process in the morning is a godsend for us and gives me extra time to drink my cold cuppa,’ she said.

Despite the judgement from some, others praised Meg for being so organised with her time.

‘Good on you Meg! It works for you and your son so that is all that matters at this point,’ one woman wrote.

‘I dream of being this organised,’ another added.

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