‘I’m angry at the whole world, especially Biden’: Top Afghan women’s rights activist


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FRANCE 24 spoke to Mahbouba Seraj, a leading women’s rights activist in Afghanistan. She told us the Taliban have to “give in” on “red lines” such as women’s access to education and work in order to “continue governing”. With Afghanistan in dire need of financial assistance, Seraj said she was “angry at the whole world”, especially US President Joe Biden. “You cannot let the people of this country die,” she said in an emotional plea to the international community.


Mahbouba Seraj, executive director of the Afghan Women’s Skills Development Center in Kabul, decided to stay in Afghanistan after the Taliban took power in August 2021. She told FRANCE 24 she did so because she believed “deep down” that her experience as a seasoned activist was “needed” to defend the rights of women.

Our guest said that full access to education and jobs were her main “red lines” when it comes to women’s rights in Afghanistan. She added that the jury was still out on whether the Taliban will allow women to attend schools and work, saying the moment of truth would come in March at the end of the winter, when schools are scheduled to fully reopen.

Seraj urged women to continue advocating for their rights, including freedom of speech. She blasted US President Joe Biden for essentially abandoning Afghanistan and added that she was fed up with all the talk of whether or not to recognise the Taliban and the withholding of desperately needed financial assistance.

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