Bikie does a Djokovic as court bans him from Australian Open

Notorious bikie boss Toby Mitchell has compared himself to Novak Djokovic after he lost his bid to alter bail conditions which ban him from going to the Australian Open.

The Mongols president is a big tennis fan who is frequently seen at the tournament, but is not allowed to attend this year because his bail prevents him from visiting all ‘licensed venues’.

Mitchell vented about the verdict online, comparing himself to world No.1 Djokovic who had his visa cancelled and was deported from Australia on Sunday. 

‘It’s going to be a boring Aus Open this year with no Djokovic or Mitchell there,’ he posted.     

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Bikie strongman Toby Mitchell (pictured left beside a woman in green active wear) attends the second Round Women’s singles match between Naomi Osaka of Japan and Caroline Garcia of France on Day 3 of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park on February 10, 2021. He has been banned from attending this year’s event

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Novak Djokovic (pictured right, beside his wife Jelena). Bikie Toby Mitchell, who has been banned from attending the Australian Open, has compared his plight to that of Djokovic, who has been banned from playing in the Open

Last month Mitchell, 47, was jailed for two months for hitting a man twice in the face during his birthday party at a pub in Echuca in northern Victoria in November.


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His lawyers said he was just defending his girlfriend from the other man.

The heavily tattooed bike immediately launched an appeal of his sentence and was granted bail on the condition that he stay sober and away from all licensed venues.

His lawyer Damian Sheales told the the County Court on Monday that Mitchell was told by the police he was not allowed to attend Melbourne Park for the Open because of this.

Judge Kate Hawkins questioned whether the entire event should be considered a licensed venue, given children were allowed to attend.

‘Your honour I’m sure you’ve heard of Mr Mitchell, and I’m not saying that to be cute,’ Mr Sheales said, the Herald Sun reported.

‘If there’s any suggestion of a breach of bail in any way shape or form, the police will seek to breach him.’

He said Mitchell would abide by the non-drinking rules, but should be allowed to go to places which serve alcohol including cafes, restaurants, and the Australian Open.

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The President of the the Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang Toby Mitchell was pictured in the stands at the John Cain Arena among tennis fans in 2021

‘In this day and age, the condition is simply too onerous,’ he said.

Police opposed the application, saying Mitchell had been involved in three assaults on members of the public in the past 13 months which involved alcohol and/or licensed venues.

Mitchell was fined $2,500 last September after pleading guilty to two street attacks in 2020, including one where he was knocked out by a homeless man.

Senior Constable Lara Scully said keeping Mitchell away from venues where alcohol was served reduced his ‘temptation’ to drink and the risk of further incidents.

Judge Hawkins upheld the ban, saying: ‘I consider that there is not so much temptation to drink if you attend at licence premises, but for there to be physical violence resulting in your attendance… and your interaction with those other patrons and members of the public passing by.’ 

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High-profile underworld figure Toby Mitchell (pictured behind four people sitting down) at last year’s Australian Open

During a the court case last year, an embarrassing video of Mitchell was made public.

The video was played, despite his objections, just days after Mitchell was mocked in court by police for suffering from a ‘glass jaw’.

The CCTV footage showed the burly bikie being knocked out by a homeless man.

Video shows a ‘street kid’ dressed like a ‘lumberjack’ knock Mitchell on his behind after the feared bikie enjoyed a boozy night out with mates. 

Mitchell had picked a fight with the homeless man for no apparent reason before trying to punch on with the stranger.

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Toby Mitchell lays on the ground after being knocked out by a homeless man in Melbourne in October, 2020. The man (pictured far left) gave the bikie enforcer a decent send-off after he was dragged away by his mates

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Toby Mitchell gets put down by a random homeless person with some fancy feet and powerful punches

Footage shows the homeless man bounce on his toes like a boxer before defending himself against a Mitchell haymaker. 

Mitchell’s mates can been seen trying to hold him back, but the tattooed bikie could not be placated. 

The video shows the brave ‘victim’ give Mitchell a send-off as his mates drag the dazed bikie away from the fight he had moments earlier instigated.     

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Mongol bikie boss Toby Mitchell (pictured) has been shot numerous times. He was also knocked out by a stranger on the street 

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Toby Mitchell’s body (pictured on his beloved bike) has been shot several times

Mitchell was shot six times outside a Brunswick gym in 2011 while sergeant at arms for a different bikie gang, the Bandidos.

He spent weeks in intensive care, underwent 30 operations and lost a kidney, gall bladder and most of his liver.

He was shot again in 2011 in another attempt on his life. 

A court previously heard that Mitchell required up to 27 medications a day, some twice daily. 

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Toby Mitchell (pictured with Tammy Hembrow) is a veteran bikie and convicted criminal who has survived two attempts on his life and has spent time behind bars

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Toby Mitchell in 2018 (pictured) after a previous trip to Melbourne Country Court

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