India takes centre stage at G20 summit



India has spent hundreds of millions of euros on hosting the G20 summit, as it seeks to asset itself on the global stage. But the event has also stirred controversy even before it started, from the beautification of the capital New Delhi to the notable absence of China’s President Xi Jinping. We speak to Mohan Kumar, a former Indian ambassador to France, about the significance of the event.


Plus, Japan’s embattled talent agency Johnny & Associates formally recognises decades of sexual abuse at the hands of its late founder and pledges to better protect aspiring pop artists.  But doubts remain as to whether the J-pop behemoth can really shake off its past and start anew. 

Finally, as the Rugby World Cup kicks off in France, we take a deep dive into the origins of the iconic “Haka” chant by the New Zealand All Blacks team.

Source: Thanks france24