ABS data confirms Labor’s Big Australia

Labor’s Big Australia is getting bigger with ABS data published today revealing 454,400 people arrived here in the year to March at a time the country is experiencing housing shortages and a rental crisis.

Net overseas migration was driven by a large increase in arrivals, up 103 per cent from last year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Labor’s budget said 1.5 million people would arrive in Australia over five years meanwhile they will build 30,000 new homes through Labor’s Housing Australia Future Fund over five years.

Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Dan Tehan said Labor had a Big Australia policy by stealth but no plan to deal with its impact.

“Labor claim they don’t want a big Australia but judge them on the facts not their words,” Mr Tehan said.

“The population of the Sunshine Coast has arrived under Labor but there’s no plan for where they will live, or how to deal with the impact on government services or the environment.

“This at a time Australians are either struggling to find a place to live or they’re being hit with crippling rent increases.

“The Coalition wants a better Australia not Labor’s Big Australia.”

Source: Thanks liberal.org.au