Beijing’s loss? Taiwan re-elects pro-sovereignty incumbents

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Beijing’s message to Taiwan’s voters just does not seem to be getting through.


William Lai’s win in Saturday’s first-past-the-post presidential race means an unprecedented third straight term for what the mainland has dubbed the “pro-separatist” DPP. We’ll hear what the victor – who is also the outgoing vice-president – had to say against the long and steady ratcheting up of tensions in the Taiwan Strait and the carefully-staged response from Washington with the visit of a high-level bipartisan delegation.

What’s at stake when it comes to Taiwan and US-China relations in this an election year for one side and a time of rapidly slowing growth for the other?

At the heart of it all is China’s influence in its own backyard: after calling time on Hong Kong’s special status, has it further turned the Taiwanese away or do the opposition’s gains in legislative elections tell a different story?

Produced by Yann Pusztai, Rebecca Gnignati and Imen Mellaz.

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