Iran on all fronts, Netanyahu rejects Saudi peace plan, China’s baby bust, France education minister

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Did the map of the Middle East suddenly just get bigger? On Tuesday, Iran hit points in Iraqi Kurdistan, Syria.and all the way over on its eastern border, separatist militants in Balochistan province. It was payback for recent attacks targeting police in its own Sistan-Balochistan province. Hitting nuclear-armed Pakistan came as the neighboring countries were carrying out joint naval exercises. 


How about never? Netanyahu rejects US-backed Saudi peace plan

The plan’s straightforward:Gulf states rebuild Gaza and Israel signs on to Saudi Arabia’s decades’ old roadmap for lasting peace with the Palestinians. The Americans are on board. One party though still needs convincing.

China’s baby bust: Population drops for the second year in a row

China’s troubles may only be starting: for the second year running, the population is declining with two million fewer people,double the drop of 2022. Despite the lifting in 2016 of the country’s one child policy, the birthrate seems stuck fueling that favorite question: will the country grow old before it grows rich?

For whom the bell rings? Macron’s education Minister apologises over private school row 

French politics junkies call her A-O-C: sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, who last week was also promoted to education minister when her predecessor Gabriel Attal became prime minister. There were doubting Thomases who wondered if she could handle both portfolios in a year when Paris hosts the Olympics. Then, within 48 hours of her nomination, she hit the political third rail when – on a visit with Attal to a public school northwest of the capital, Oudéa-Castéra was asked why she took her child out of a Paris Latin Quarter public primary school to put him in an exclusive Catholic school.

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