Ram temple controversy: India’s Hindu nationalist groups take over ancient Muslim sites

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In India, tensions have been rising between the country’s Hindu majority and the Muslim minority. Some say the ruling party has only exacerbated the situation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi agreed to open a Ram temple in the northern town of Ayodhya. What makes it controversial is the land it sits on. For centuries a mosque stood there, before it was ultimately torn down by Hindu nationalists, incited by Modi’s party. Our team on the ground reports on the Ram temple, as well as other sites that could see the same fate.


Meanwhile, tensions have long been high between China and Taiwan. Beijing regards the self-ruled island as a breakaway province that it vows to retake one day: peacefully if possible, by force if necessary. As part of China’s so-called “peaceful reunification plan”, this month it made it easier for Taiwanese people to move to the country. Our correspondent reports.

Finally, faced with empty nests and changing social structures, millions of senior citizens in China are lonely and looking for companionship. We report on a Chinese matchmaking group that has thrived in a very unexpected place: an Ikea store’s cafeteria.

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