Covid-19: Is China’s vaccine diplomacy working?

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Wealthy countries were quick to snatch up Covid-19 vaccines from Western companies, leaving low-income ones to look elsewhere. Enter China and India. Both nations are racing to fill international orders of their locally-made vaccines, though sometimes strings are attached. For more, we speak to Yanzhong Huang from the Council on Foreign Relations.


Meanwhile in Japan, officials are getting tougher with restaurants and bars that violate coronavirus restrictions. Although Japanese society is well-known for its orderliness, some people are defying health protocols as the pandemic drags on. This has led to fears of an increase in new cases. Our correspondents report.

Finally, South Korea recycles a whopping 95 percent of its food waste, a figure so high that it sets an example for many other parts of the world. All the more inspiring is the fact that only 25 years ago, Koreans virtually didn’t recycle any food at all. We take a closer look.

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