Dismembered body of WA dad believed found in remote national park

WARNING: Some graphic descriptions may disturb readers

Almost six years after he vanished, the dismembered body of a murdered Western Australia father may have finally been found in a remote national park.

Wade Cameron Dunn, a drug dealer, addict and father of three, was beaten to death in 2015 with a metal pole and cut into pieces with a chainsaw.

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The location of the human remains, which are believed linked to murdered WA dad, Wade Dunn.

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Western Australia police on Monday found what they believe to be the human remains of Mr Dunn in the Udumung Nature Reserve in Wannamal, about 100 kilometres north of Perth.

Two men, Gary Jackson and Mark Corbett, were found guilty of murdering Mr Dunn, who was aged 40 when he was killed.

Mr Dunn was slain after he was lured to Corbett’s Alexander Heights home in May 2015.

After the 2016 trial, Mr Dunn’s mother, Robyn Hudson, said she was very happy with the verdict but was distressed not to have her son’s body to lay to rest.

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Wade Dunn, 40, was last seen leaving his home in Ballajura, a suburb of Perth around 8.30pm on May 19, 2015.

“We don’t have a funeral to go to, we don’t have a final ending,” she told reporters at the time.


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“You don’t get over it. You learn to live with it.”

WA Police Homicide Squad and forensics officers are expected to work the crime scene throughout the day.

The human remains have not officially been confirmed as Mr Dunn.

Both killers were sentenced to life in prison, with Jackson ordered to serve at least 22 years and Corbett to spend a minimum of 13 years behind bars.

Corbett is eligible for release in 2028.

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At the murder trial, prosecutor Laura Christian said the trio were all involved in drugs, mostly meth, and there was lots of lying, cheating and double-crossing between them.

She said Corbett had a $27,000 drug debt and Mr Dunn was lured to Corbett’s house under the pretext of collecting the debt.

But when Mr Dunn arrived, he was beaten to death with a metal pole and his body was kept in Jackson’s shed overnight.

Ms Christian said the victim was later cut into pieces with a chainsaw and dumped in bushland near Bindoon, northeast of Perth.

She said Jackson cut off Mr Dunn’s hands because the victim had scratched him and he was worried about his DNA being under Mr Dunn’s fingernails.

Jackson also kept Mr Dunn’s head in his ute because he wanted a friend with a boat to get rid of it, but then someone noticed the smell.

Ms Christian said Corbett had taken police to the area where Mr Dunn was dumped, but his body has not been found.

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