Anzac Day 2021 public holiday guide state-by-state

The most reverent day on the Australian public holiday is coming up fast, with many veterans hoping improved vaccination rates and easing of restrictions will contribute to a special Anzac Day 2021 after the scaled back ceremonies of 2020.

This year 25 April falls on a Sunday, and because everybody in the country commemorates Anzac Day on the day it falls, not everyone will receive a public holiday the next day.

State-by-state, here’s a quick guide to which states are observing an Anzac Day-related public holiday on 26 April.

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Anzac Day March on April 25, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia.


Residents in NSW will not be given an extra public holiday on the Monday after Anzac Day.

According to the Public Holidays Act 2010, an additional public holiday will be given if the following events fall on a weekend: Australia Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas Day or Boxing Day.


Victorians will also not be given the Monday off. According to Business Victoria – “Anzac Day is commemorated on the day it falls. There is no replacement holiday when Anzac Day falls on a weekend”.

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John Mansfield prepares to play the bugle during the AFL Anzac Day Ceremony at the empty Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Queenslanders will have Monday off as a public holiday, according to the Queensland Government.

According to the Holidays Act 1983, a public holiday is to be observed on the following Monday if 25 April is a Sunday.

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South Australians will receive 26 April off as a public holiday.

According to the Holidays Act 1910, any Anzac Day that falls on a Sunday will mean the following Monday will be observed as a public holiday. Curiously, the same does not apply if it falls on a Saturday.


Those in the west will have Monday off as a public holiday, according to the Government of Western Australia.

The Monday public Holiday is observed if Anzac Day falls on either a Saturday or a Sunday.

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian attends a NSW ANZAC day service at the Martin Place Cenotaph in Sydney, Australia.


The ACT will observe 26 April as a public holiday, according to the Holidays Act 1958 (ACT).


Tasmanians will not receive the Monday off. According to WorkSafe Tasmania, “when Anzac Day falls on Saturday or Sunday, no substitute or additional holiday is observed”.


Territorians will have 26 April off as a public holiday. Like many other states, when Anzac Day specifically falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be the public holiday.

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