Teen accused of assaulting rideshare driver ‘protecting his intellectually disabled brother’

The father of a teenager accused of assaulting a ride-share driver claims his son was protecting his intellectually disabled brother who was allegedly provoked by the driver.

The 37-year-old driver is recovering in hospital after allegedly being knocked unconscious by a 19-year-old passenger on Sunday morning in Sydney’s north west.

He was found lying unconscious on Nullabor Street at North Kellyville, near Sandbanks Avenue, by officers who responded to reports of a brawl in the street.

The man suffered injuries to his head and paramedics treated him at the scene.

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Police have charged a 19-year-old old over the alleged assault of a rideshare driver in Sydney.

He was later taken to Westmead Hospital where his condition was stabilised.

Police arrested a 19-year-old North Kellyville man and took him to Castle Hill Police Station.

He is alleged to have been one of three passengers in the vehicle.

Two other passengers were an 18-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, said to be the brother of the accused.

9News understands the passengers had been at a birthday party and had booked the six-minute ride-share home.

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Police investigate an alleged assault on a rideshare driver in Sydney.

Along the journey, it is alleged there was an exchange of words between the 19-year-old and the driver. It is alleged the driver turned off from the allocated route and pulled over.

The argument allegedly then turned physical, with the driver knocked unconscious.

“He had quite serious and significant head injuries on our arrival,” NSW Ambulance Inspector Joseph Ibrahim told 9News.

The passenger was charged with assault and affray and was released on conditional bail.

His father spoke to the media today about the incident.

“The Uber driver has decided to park himself in the area he chose and started a fight with my intellectually disabled son,” the man, who has not been publicly identified, said.

Detectives are yet to interview the driver.

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