Applicata non grata: TikTok banned from official devices in several countries

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The Chinese-owned video-based app TikTok faces bans from several Western governments, who say the platform poses a national security risk. FRANCE 24’s Technology Editor Peter O’Brien tells us what this could mean for the future of TikTok,¬†which has more than one billion users worldwide.


Over in India, there are efforts underway to nationalise a vegetarian diet. In cities across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP party is imposing rules on the consumption of meat to promote a so-called Hindu way of life. Our correspondents report.

Also in this edition, we discover the most-watched non-English language show on Netflix worldwide. The Korean reality series “Physical 100” is a competition of strength in which both men and women compete for the top prize. We take a closer look.

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